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Thank you for the amazing welcome you have given to! We are very proud and honored by your support and interest! 

Our goal is to be the number one open platform for RC enthusiasts, fans, hobbyists and professional drivers where each and every single one of you can share their:

  • race report,
  • experience,
  • setup sheets,
  • tips and tricks,
  • product reviews

Whether video reports or text+photos report, we are always on the lookout for the latest news and piece of content regarding everything related to RC cars.


So if you attended an event and took some photos, tested a new product or you saw something on the internet that we haven’t yet covered or you work for a manufacturer and you want us to report on your product, then:


    • create an account on and start writing content!

Please also try to follow the following simple steps when sending us your news.

1. Overview

Submitting content to have it posted on is as easy as sending us an email or writing your news/report directly on the platform. 

A. Via Platform

Create your account on

Go to your profile 

Click the “Add News” button

Add you article / piece of news and publish it.

B. Via Email

Send your content to and we will do our best to post it on our site! We monitor this inbox daily. 


Please make sure to include pictures, ensure the content is relevant to our site, and use proper English grammar and spelling.

If you have a mailing list for your company, please feel free to add to your mailing list and we will post all relevant press releases that we receive.



We do not post press releases stating when items are back in stock. We do not post sales unless you are a current advertiser on our site. Per our policy, no sale is ever posted as a “Featured Article” on the homepage.

2. Sample Article Topics

Here are some examples of article topics:

Race report: Participated in race? Bring your camera (Smartphones count!), take notes, video the highlights; even grab an interview with an attendee and send us what you get.

Reviews: Got the scoop on some new gear? Tell us about its features, how well it works, and whether or not it’s a good value.

Project builds: Got a new kit or super-scale rig? Tell us about how you built it and its features, and show us plenty of photos. Video is welcome too!

Repairs and upgrade how-tos: Show us your favorite fixes, tips and techniques for making repairs, and improving performance.

3. News Guidelines

  • When submitting a race report, please include details of the event itself (location, when), the qualifying results (top 3), a run down of what happened in the finals, final results (minimum top 3), and we also need a podium picture (or just of the winner) from the actual event.
  • If you are sending us product information, please give a detailed description outlining the product’s uses and benefits and a number of photos.
  • We don’t carry announcements concerning distribution, dealers or shops.
  • Ensure that all images are of high resolution, somewhere in and around 1000 pixels wide is fine and of course the sharper the image the better.
  • Do not embed images in a document and avoid text and logos on the images themselves.
    • Please avoid sending release text embedded in a graphic, as we don’t want to have to re type it. Always send text that we can select and copy if needed.

Display your business information in a public facing manner (such as a web page or API request) and allow website users to search and view submitted listing information.

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