About RCTracks.io

Created in January 2021, RCTracks.io offers a unique platform providing an integrated experience for:

  • RC Tracks (Off-Road, On-Road, Oval) Owners
  • RC Race (club, regional, national, international) Promoters
  • RC Drivers  (newcomers,hobbyist, fans, pros)

RC Tracks

Off-Road, On-Road, Oval
  • Track Characteristics
  • Track Geolocation
  • Track Opening Hours
  • Track Photos & Videos
  • Track / Club Races

RC Races

Club, Regional, National, International
  • Race Visuals (banner, flyer, photos, videos)
  • Race Dates & Detailed Program
  • Race Status Management
  • Race Promoter
  • Hosting Track/Venue Geolocation
  • Soon: upload race results

RC Drivers

Newcomer, Hobbyist, Fan, Pro
  • Profile Management
  • Always Find Your Way To A Track
  • Stay Informed of Upcoming Races
  • Evaluate, Comment On Tracks & Races
  • Soon: manage your setups


Our hobby has A LOT to offer! Thousands of clubs, resources, news, setup and tips, race events across the board and scattered all over the Internet, in particular Facebook.  

Meanwhile Facebook is a great platform and has contributed a lot to our hobby, it has a tremendous bias towards local, specific activities like managing local RC clubs or interactions within specific communities.

We need to open the world of RC to the newcomers, the beginners, and we need to create more interactions and collaborations across clubs, drivers, and race promoters. Let’s promote our hobby, our sport way beyond Facebook and Instagram!

RC Cars, RC Tracks, RC Races & RC News - RCTracks.io

RCTracks.io aspires to become the go-to platform for RC tracks and races around the globe, opening the world of RC to a broader audience and helping it grow.

For that purpose we need your help and participation! Please make sure to create an account, list your track(s), list your race(s) and share your news/reports. We will take care of the rest and the promotion. 

Our sport is best enjoyed when practiced with others and supported by a strong community. Let’s make it thrive and grow even more!

Thank you.

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